The Train Station Advertising Guide

You want your advertising budget to reach the right person. So who are you reaching with railway adverts? If you want to advertise at train stations there are some key people you could reach, mainly the commuting network, but also the growing number of ‘leisure and pleasure’ travellers. This wide mix of personas means your message isn’t limited like it would be for a local newspaper, a certain website banner advert, or during a TV programme.

Train stations are one of the best ways to get your message out there, and with most people making repeat journeys every day, the constant exposure will lead to recognition – all for a great price.

So how do you create a campaign that is suitable for your tactic of advertising at train stations?

Stats from TGI have shown that people who take notice of railway advertisements are well connected digitally, interest in luxury and have an average household income of £55,000 or more, with stats from DIT also showing that people with the highest incomes travel the furthest.

Figures from The National Travel Survey show that the highest proportion of travellers are male, are of a working age and are most likely to travel as part of a daily commute.

Why advertising here works: Train journeys allow you to capture a static audience but even if people don’t act on the first time they see your advert- train station advertising is all about the long game.

Typically the times when you can reach a potential customer include:

  • At the station upon arrival
  • Dwell times awaiting friends or family / arrivals
  • Active times – searching for information (taxis etc)
  • When making a connection

 What content should be used in railway adverts? 

Your train station advert can be longer than other media options because people have more time to read a message. Your focus should be on building strong relationships with your brand and the consumer and adverts that work well are typically similar to the drip campaigns that you may use with your online advertising. Because of the recency of travel and commuting being shown to be growing, you can build up positive perceptions and familiarity towards your products or services simply by creating regular campaigns.

If your product or service does not match with the most common demographic of a male of working age with a high income level, it may be worth noting that the weekend market can still be relevant for you when most leisure trips are taken by people of a lower demographic bracket.

Train advertisements are all about impact. Similar to supermarket advertising, train advertising posters and dioramas make a big impression in a small space. Contact or email us today to determine how you can take advantage of railway advertising in your business!