The No Brainer? Advertising at Supermarkets

If you want to make a big impact with your marketing and advertising, where better than the supermarket?

Supermarket advertising is seeing a resurgence and at UK Advertising

we offer options for many of the large supermarkets. But why choose this option?

While much has been made of the impact of online shopping, in sore shopping at supermarkets is still strong. Online still accounted for just 4.4% of total sales in the year to April, according to IGD, and according to the FMI, people make an average of 1.5 trips per week to the supermarket, with supermarkets making up a huge 40% of total retail sales in the UK.

From a marketing perspective, 2 supermarkets are currently in the top place in YouGov’s BrandIndex Buzz scores, which measures whether consumers have heard anything positive or negative about the brand in the last two weeks.

Supermarkets are ‘in’. With more non food items on the shelves, from the big new Xbox releases to clothing and with more on site facilities (dry cleaners, car washes) supermarkets are seeing more footfall and an increased per visit spend.

So why choose supermarket advertising?

1. The captive audience.

Supermarket advertising captures people who are open and interested in offers, promotions and money saving deals. You can use this to your advantage at places like information points.

2. The psychology behind a sale

You may know yourself you purchase or show interest in things you may never have seen before, simply because you are open to the idea of purchasing. In Emotions, Advertising and Consumer Choice by Flemming Hansen and Sverre Riis Christensen it is said that interest and awareness does not precede desire when making a choice purchase.

3. It’s cost effective

It’s a great way to advertise, and it’s cheap too.  At POP’s we work with brands, businesses and organisations of all sizes helping them to choose the size of advert to suit their budget, but we always have a pleasantly surprised reaction.

4. The interest in spending

WPP research shows that shoppers are more impulsive in supermarkets than in any other channel, which is believed to be driven by the breadth and depth of products carried. As much as 50% of shoppers buy more than they had planned before entering the store and if your offer can compete or mimic the ‘bargain’ offers they have already committed to, you could see more sales coming through as a direct result of this advertising method.

5. Results you can see

It could take the perfect campaign and the right offer or promotion, but at UK Advertising we see the supermarket banner’s influence again and again. Speak to us about your tracking options, such as a QR code, a different telephone number or using a unique landing page URL so you can see the effect and success of your first supermarket advertising campaign!

Interested? We’d like to help you choose the campaign that’s right for you. Speak to us today by clicking here.