Posters now with Business Card Holders

Business card holder posters

As if the our striking poster designs weren’t enough to wedge you in the mind of the Post Office regular. We’ve now introduced integrated business card holders for our posters.

Integrated business card holders for poster advertising

So thanks to some clever engineering from the team here at UK ADVERTISING you now get an even bigger bang-for-your-buck when taking us up on our cheap, targeted advertising solutions.

Post Office poster advertising

Remember… Large national, regional or small and local companies can benefit from our advertising campaigns in Post Office locations throughout the UK so don’t delay, speak to us today.

 Free Design & Artwork
 Quick High Impact Results
 From as little as 80p a Day
 Easily Expand Campaigns to Supermarkets, Train Stations and Search Engines
 Optional Integrated Business Card Holder
 Discounts for More Locations