Learn How To Create A Great Print Advert

Are you wondering how to create a great print advert? The secrets are all in here! As specialists in printed advertising at train stations, supermarkets and post offices  – as well as online advertising – we have a real sense of what works from our work with clients. So – we’re passing that on to you – for free!


Keep it simple, stupid is the old acronym! Whilst of course we respectfully drop the last S on the acronym for our clients, we do still suggest the simple adverts are the ones that perform the very best. Clutter can turn a potential reader away, and simplicity really helps hammer home your message. This means you copy might be trimmer than your sales manager (or even you want) but if it has the key selling points and a strong call to action, you may have said all you need to! We can help review your advertising copy, so get in touch with us.

Hi Resolution Imagery 

This is also a given and something we can stop before it goes to print if your advert doesn’t look 100%, but it’s worth saying that you shouldn’t use low-resolution images in print. What looks great on a digital advert can look grainy in print, so if you are a small budget advertiser, you may need to look into professional photography before you run your ad campaign. Again, we may be able to help here.

Pick the right colours

Colour is one of the best attention-getting elements at the disposal of advertisers. Stay on brand but don’t be afraid to use a sharp image with a bold colour to demonstrate your offer or campaign. Some colours simply do not work together for outdoor. Remember that your message will often be viewed at an angle rather than head on so combinations such as blue on a black background will be very difficult to read. Use contrasting colours whenever possible to make your message pop.

Use the right language

We said at the start to keep it simple, and it is so critical with print advertising when your reach is so broad to use words people all understand. This means no jargon or slang if possible. It’s also an idea to appeal to a wide range of people unless you have the budget to run multiple adverts for all your demographics.

Appeal to emotions

People experience and interpret the world through their senses, and creators of ads would be well-advised to skilfully attract readers by playing to hard-wired propensities. Along with clear images, good lighting and the right colours you can also use words that clearly demonstrate your product’s value. Your consumers want to know what’s in it for them – so bring the positive statements!

If you’re raring to go with your advert, speak to us at UK Advertising! We have years of experience in creating adverts for train stations, in supermarkets and across digital search, so we can help you get your campaign seen.