Big Marketing Stats (With Surprises)

You might think you’ve seen all the marketing statistics (if you look for them) but away from SEO and Social Media, there are some really interesting statistics. Here, we delve into what stats matter when it comes to using your marketing and advertising budget.

  • 99.7% of people live within 3 miles of a Post Office

This statistic is really incredible. 3 miles across the UK means the Post Office is prime real estate for any type of advertising – and post office advertising is incredibly cheap. Compare the 3 mile radius to something such as a traffic or roadside banner and you are not only capturing people who are static (waiting in line) but also getting a very good deal.

  • 43% of queing people have grandchildren

This statistic is another great one, showcasing that if you want to reach a broad demographic, appeal to people in one large niche – grandparents. Whatever you’re selling, if you can appeal to this market, you really are getting a huge reach.

  • 56% of all consumers trust print marketing more than any other advertising method
This Nielsen study really shook up marketing and advertising, especially the people who were questioning ‘does print advertising work?’ Gaining trust is critical for any business or brand, so moving towards print is the golden ticket – it’s often cheaper than digital, and as this stat shows, more effective in long term brand building.
  • 58% of people learned about a restaurant they later visited with Out Of Home Advertising 
This Forbes statistic showed that people take a lot more notice of signs, posters and billboards than we often give credit for. Another 26% and 28% respectively also noted a phone number or Web site address written on an outdoor billboard- another reminder that every scrap of information you can add will make all the difference.
  • The UK grocery market was worth £177.5 billion in the year to March 31st 2015, an increase of 1.7% on 2014
The IGD produced this statistic which was a real eye opener for businesses wanting to advertise at supermarkets. With an increase of 1.7% it really is the best time to market at a supermarket as a local business. Take advantage of the change going on in the UK economy and maximise your presence in the grocers.
  • Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average – 3.5 billion searches per day 

Marketeers may know Google is king, but if you are a small business wanting to advertise, this stat should make you very interested in Google Advertising. Get your name on the internet not only with your own site but by capturing people with intent to purchase and you will tap into a percentage of this incredible volume of searches.

  • 94% of queuing people are under 44 years of age
This statistic really does shine an unwelcome light on the fallacy that ‘youth’ or certain age groups simply never leave the internet or don’t have the time to be influenced by out of home advertising. Consider that they work in tandem. Whilst ecommerce grows, many returns also have to happen. That puts people back into places like collection points, post offices and on methods of transport. Supermarkets have grown across all demographics, so this statistic is incredibly powerful.  Capture the 96% as soon as possible- before all the other businesses discover this statistic and start advertising at ASDA and the like quickly!
We hope you have found this blog interesting and if you are interested in advertising locally, advertising in a supermarket, post office or on Google – we can help! Get in touch today.