Advertising Examples – UK Advertising’s Favourites

Post Office Ads

Did you know that a good piece of creative might be the single most important thing that affects the outcome of your campaign? This sounds a bit serious but at UK Advertising we have years of experience in helping get businesses big and small seen with wide ranges of people. We wanted to share some advertising examples with you today.

Here’s who UK Advertising have worked with…

Royal Navy
Territorial Army
Learn Direct
Department of Education and Learning
Gwent Education
Sure Start
Child Care Career
Bournemouth Social Services
Buckinghamshire County Council
Surrey County Council
Cornwall County Council

With clients like these we’re always seeing new exiting creatives. You may have seen that a recent study by the business comScore who analyzed the results of 396 online campaigns found that creative execution accounted for 52 percent of the results, while the media plan was responsible for 13 percent and other contributors accounted for 35 percent.

So this is less about where the ad is, precisely, and more about what the ad is saying.

There was also a mobile study by Dynamic Logic that  found that the best creative can boost brand favorability and intent to purchase, while bad creative has the opposite effect.”In this study, Dynamic Logic surveyed users who viewed mobile ads and compared their results to a control group of users who were not exposed to these ads. According to the analysis, the brand favorability of users who were exposed to an average creative execution was 3.9 percent higher than for users who were exposed to none. Brand favorability was 14.5 percent higher with the best creative executions. However, the worst creative execution actually reduced brand favorability by 4.9 percent. For intent to purchase, results were similar. The average creative execution boosted intent to purchase by 4.7 percent, the best creative boosted it by 16.3 percent, and worst creative decreased intent to purchase by 4 percent.”

This is a lot of data – but in short – spend some more time on the creative and you can reap the rewards. Here are a few great campaigns UK Advertising has worked with recently! 


This NHS advert is eye catching and simple, whatever way you read the copy – from the tattoo to the body, and Carers Direct is clear and easy to read. When your message needs to be hard hitting, simple is best.


This advert for WeightWatchers has something rather eye catching about it…. Yup, it’s the steak. The spend has gone on the great photography and the content – the beautiful colours ( we can see at least 8 colours) make this a stunning advert.


This has a lot more content than you might think an advert would have, but when you know it’s for a role of a carer, you know that the right people need to have all the information before they call or get in touch. This content is more than just content – it could have a real impact in the community and we think the balance is just right between images and copy.

These are just a few examples of the work we can help with. Why not speak to us today? 

UK Advertising provide coverage in local towns and cities and geographic areas. Many post offices we work with are located in well-known High Street stores such as Martins, RSMcColl, Spar, Co-op, One-Stop, Costcutters, ScotMid & Lloyds Pharmacy and we’d be happy to help get your advert up and running!